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China repairs of the highest standard
are completed on antique fine china, family
favorites and modern pieces. Attention to
detail and expertise are crucial in returning
damaged items to their original condition.
We are acknowledged and recommended
as the repair specialists by manufacturers,
insurance companies and retailers such as
David Jones and Myer.
Our quality of finish has made us Lladro
repair specialists with Lladro Australia
recommending our comprehensive services.



We also work extensively with alabaster,
marble,porcelain, plaster, jade, onyx and
gmtiery, often creating missing fingers and
handles to your requirements.

Chandeliers completely restored.

Light Fittings

Old or new lights can be rewired electricany
with new fittings and accessories. We can
redesign, supply and manufacture (Parts to fit
all chandeliers, wall fittings and lamps.

Silver Plateing

We also offer a silverplateing service call for more info.

Glassware Repairs

We repair all types of glassware to where the original damage can almost no longer be seen. Call for a quote

About Us

With a solid reputation as Australia’s
quality antique restoration company,

Tyson China Repairs have been saving
an restoring valuable works, sentimental pieces and family heirlooms to be appreciated for the years to come.

In a demanding industry that requires
attention to detail combined with utmost
care and know how, Tyson China Repairs have succeeded through providing customer
satisfaction, quality and service while
letting our results speak for themselves.

Antique dealers, collectors, interior decorators, retailers, insurance companies and families trust us with their valuable antiques and items…you should too.

“Over the last thirty-five years, I have
constantly strrved to Improve and expand
my services. My experienced and talented
staff have the necessary training to cater
for the requirements asked of them. I believe
the eXperience and reputation achieved
over this time is invaluable in offering these
comprehensive services. All are fully
guaranteed and carried out in a professional
manner with an up front quotation. ”
– Peter Tyson

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